Delta 8 Effects: Best Ways to Consume (Smoking vs Eating)

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Table of Contents

What is Delta 8?

The cannabis plant has two notable cannabinoids, CBD and THC.  CBD is commonly used more medicinally, and does not produce a psychoactive effect.  On the other hand, while THC is used medicinally it does produce a high feeling of euphoria.  Will Delta 8 THC get you high?  Yes, because it is a THC.  Phytocannabinoids such as CBD and THC interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce physical and psychological effects in consumers. 

Only recently however has Delta 8 become the subject of attention.  The recent draw of popularity is because of its unique legal status as hemp, and the desired effects from the high it produces, which some find more favorable than marijuana/Delta-9 THC.

Why is Delta 8 Popular?

Humans have been seeking relief through substances for anxiety, sleep, and pain reduction for thousands of years.  Despite historical use of cannabis for therapeutic benefits, our understanding of the cannabis plant is only recently beginning to develop past simply getting you high.

Even though some States have access to marijuana, not all Americans live in States that are cannabis friendly.  There are some people who do have access to dispensaries, but have a hard time finding a cannabis product that gets them high but not too stoned. This is where hemp-derived Delta 8 THC is finding a place within the industry:  The legal THC that gets you high but is federally legal like CBD and other hemp products.

Delta 8 THC Effects

There appears to be two different types of THC users.  Consumers who prefer Delta-9 THC are often experienced marijuana users. They prefer to get stoned, or these users have a high tolerance level for THC and consume a lot. 

On the other hand, there are some consumers who prefer the smooth and mild high of Delta-8 THC instead of D9.  Delta-8 is less likely to give someone the “thousand yard stare” effect.  Users report feeling less anxious or paranoid when taking Delta 8 THC.

Description of EffectsNaive UserExperienced User
Red EyesCommon EffectNot as common
Sense of Euphoria or a feeling of well-being.Common EffectCommon Effect
Sensation of Feeling like You’re floatingCommon EffectCommon Effect
Feeling of Thirst- Dry mouth.Common EffectCommon Effect
Increase in appetite.Common EffectCommon Effect
Laughter, even a giggly feeling of hilarity.Common EffectCommon Effect
The desire to speak more freely.Common EffectCommon Effect
Altered sense of time- 10 minutes may feel like an hour.Common EffectCommon Effect
Heightening of the keenness of senses.Common EffectCommon Effect
Muscle RelaxationCommon EffectCommon Effect
Stimulating Feeling
Common Effect
Common Effect
Common Effect
Common Effect
Depressing FeelingUncommon EffectUncommon Effect
Increased heart beat and initially there may be a slight rise or fall in blood pressure in some people.Occasionally a strong effectRarely a strong effect
Sometimes a feeling of anxiety, even panic.Occasionally a strong effectRarely a strong effect
Hallucinations- flashing lights, constant changing color, forms, and patterns.Uncommon EffectUncommon effect
Ataxia, or inability to coordinate movementsOccasionally a strong effectRarely a strong effect
Vertigo or Dizziness.Occasionally a strong effectRarely a strong effect

Delta-8 THC Feeling.  What is a Delta 8 High?

The experience of being high from consuming cannabis is often different depending on the person and the method of consumption.  The variance of personal reactions, and the various types of products, combine to produce a myriad of possible highs.  However, certain common characteristics have been identified and reported frequently by users.

Modern cannabis consumers associate the feeling of Delta 8 high with feelings of relaxtion, elation, and euphoria.  An increase in sociability, meditativeness, and stimulation of appetite are also common.  Some consumers appreciate Delta 8 as a way to get rid of boredom or to relieve stress, while others may use it as a method of boosting creativity and self-awareness.

What does Delta 8 THC feel like?

While the psychoactive feeling may vary from person to person, often the high is described as cerebral- clear, clean, and mentally stimulating.


How long does it take to feel Delta 8 effects?

There are a number of different factors which must be considered when determining how long it takes to feel the effects of consuming D8.  Things such as dosage amount and milligram strength impact the magnitude of the effects.  

How to dose Delta 8?

Delta 8 dosages also vary depending on the way that D8 is consumed.  Inhaled THC passes directly from the lungs to the brain, whereas THC that is eaten must first be absorbed by the stomach and passed through the liver before reaching the brain.


Effects of Smoking Delta 8 vs Eating Delta 8

Different Consumption Methods

Delta 8 edibles may also produce different effects than Delta 8 vapes or D8 Joints, as the active component is absorbed into the bloodstream differently when comparing the two major consumption forms.  The side effects and overall experience can vary differently depending on how much is taken, as well as how it is taken.

Parameters of EffectsEffects of Eating Δ8Effects of Smoking Δ8
PotencyIn general, the potency of D8 that is eaten is higher than D8 that is smoked. Eating D8 is more efficient than smoking D8 and the THC metabolites produced by the liver are more potent than THC itself.Smoking D8 is much less efficient than eating D8. Some of the THC is destroyed by burning and much of the THC escapes in side-stream smoke. THC is not as potent as 11-hydroxy-THC.
Onset of EffectsThe onset of the effects from eating D8 is much slower than the onset of effects from smoking D8. This is because the Delta 8 must be absorbed by the bloodstream, transported to the liver, metabolized into 11-OH-THC adn transported to the brain. This takes at least 30 minutes and may take much longer ona full stomach.The onset of effects from smoking D8 is much faster than the onset of effects from eating D8. This is because the THC vaporized during smoking is absorbed by the lungs and carried by the bloodstream directly to the brain. The effects are almost instantaneous.
Intensity of OnsetWhen Delta 8 is eaten, the intensity of onset is usually stronger than when smoked.When Delta 8 is smoked, the intensity of onset is not as strong and it is much easier to control than when D8 is eaten.
Time Elapsed Until PeakThe time elapsed until the peak is much longer wehn D8 is eaten (usually 1-2 hours). After the peak is reached, the high levels off for about an hour, and then increases again to a new and often higher peak. Peaks can come in several waves.The time elapsed until the peak is much shorter when D8 is smoked (usually 15-30 minutes) After the peak is reached, the high levels off for an hour or two, and then fades away gradually over several hours.
Intensity of Mental EffectsThe mental effects associated with eating D8 can be much more powerful and vivid than the effects of smoking D8. Eating D8 often makes the user feel overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless.The mental effects associated with smoking are usually much milder than those associated with eating D8. Smoking Delta 8 is thought to rarely result in discomfort, as opposed to eating it.
Intensity of Physical EffectsThe physical effects of eating D8 can be very powerful. Users often feel that their body heavy and it is difficult to move their limbs. Large doses of D8 can be very sedative.Smoking D8 produces a mild mental stimulation, followed by a period of relaxation and drowsiness.
Duration of EffectsThe effects of eating D8 are usually very long lasting and it is not uncommon to feel high for more than 12 hours. A restful sleep is needed to fully remove the residual effects of eating D8.The effects of smoking D8 can last up to 8 hours, although most of the effect wears off after the first two hours.
Intensity of Total ExperienceThe overall intensity of the high produced by eating D8 is much stronger than the overall intensity of the high produced by smoking D8.The overall intensity of the high produced by smoking D8 is much weaker than the overall intensity of the high produced by eating D8.
Overall Suite of EffectsThe overall suite of effects produced by eating and smoking D8 are approximately the same excepting time course and intensity. When D8 is eaten the onset of the effects is slower and more intense, the peaks come in successive waves, are higher, and the effects last longer.When D8 is smoked, the onset of the effects is much faster and less intense, the peak is lower, and the effects are of shorter duration.

Smoking Delta 8 THC Effects

Smokers of Δ8 report that they feel one strong rush followed by a high and then a subsequent comedown, but almost never report a second rush or multiple rushes from one smoking session.  The peak of the effects typically occurs within the first hour after consumption, and often immediate feedback is available as the effects can be felt rapidly.  Because of the faster feedback and more controllable dosing, smoking Delta 8 is probably more accepted and used by working people who cannot afford to have a “weed hangover” the next day.  Overall, smoking Delta 8 is many times more popular than eating Delta-8 THC.

How long to feel the effects?
Smoking a D8 vape cartridge or D8 Pre Roll may produce effects in as little as 20 minutes or 30 minutes.  However, taking Delta 8 as an edible may increase the amount of time it takes for the effects to set in.  Smokeable Delta 8 may not be as accurate to dose as edibles, however these products are often easier to experiment with at different dosages because the effects are produced almost immediately. 

Eating Delta 8 THC Effects

When cannabis is eaten, the active ingredient THC actually is changed into a compound called 11-Hydroxy-THC, which has differing and more powerful effects. The “morning after” effect associated with eating D8 is most likely the result of 11-Hydroxy-THC metabolite.  It appears this metabolite is much longer acting and takes longer to break down than THC. 

Length of Effects

 Eating Delta 8 can cause a lethargic state and visions that go on for hours, while smoking Delta 8 is much more manageable and functional.  Delta 8 that is eaten may produce effects that are too strong or last for too long for the user to enjoy.  It is often best for weekends or days when you do not have much to do.

How long to kick in?

Edibles such as gummies, can take up to 3 hours to kick in. and can last for over 12 hours.  Some users will rush into trying too much Delta 8 THC their first time, and they do not wait to see how it works.  Delta 8 is a powerful and potent cannabinoid that should be taken responsibly.  Taking too much before you are comfortable could produce a negative experience with Delta 8.

How much to take?

Because a dosing guide doesn’t truly exist for Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC, it’s safe to start out slow and work your way up.  Start with a single dose at a small quantity, and allow yourself time to get adjusted to the experience before going to higher doses.


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