Delta-8 Prerolls Reimaged

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How to Roll a D8 Joint?

There’s only a few different ways a preroll can be infused.  Some people coat or “paint” the outside of the rolling paper with concentrate, while others may soak the flower in the concentrate first and then roll the joint.  Unfortunately, these two other methods often produce inconsistent results with sub-par smoking experiences.

The first problem with these other methods is that the pre-rolls do not burn evenly which results in the joint “running” or “canoeing.” This is when the joint burns faster on one side than it does on the other side.  This is not only wasteful, but can be drastically unpleasant and inefficient as the concentrate is burned rather than vaporized, resulting in less potency overall.

The other main problem is that because of the way the extract is applied to the pre-roll, it often times can get clogged while smoking, as the extract collects towards the mouthpiece of the joint.  This can feel similar to trying to suck a golfball through a straw, and can be frustrating for the consumer.  In some cases, the pre-roll may get so clogged that virtually no smoke is able to pass through the filter and be inhaled.  At that point, you either have to split open the joint and move the plant material into a bong or bowl, or just throw it out.  A joint that doesn’t produce smoke you can inhale when puffing is not worth the paper it’s rolled in.

Luckily we have fixed both of these problems.  The concept of injecting a pre-roll is not novel in and of itself.  However, we have perfected the process with proprietary technology and protected intellectual property.  With machine automation, we are able to precisely and accurately infuse the prerols and deliver a consistency that can never be achieved through hand-rolling methods.  Even as we get bigger and begin to scale our products, we will be able to maintain standard quality across every pre-roll we produce.  Something that almost no other pre-roll producer in the industry can say.

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