Delta 8 vs Delta 9: Does Delta 8 Get you High Like THC?

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Humans have been seeking relief through substances for anxiety, sleep, and pain reduction for thousands of years.  Despite historical use of cannabis for therapeutic benefits, our understanding of the cannabis plant is only recently beginning to develop past simply getting you high. The recent popularity hemp products has many wondering, will Delta-8 THC get you high?

Will Delta-8 Make you High?

Yes, Delta-8 THC is found in the cannabis plant and is psychoactive similar to other THC’s. Compared to Delta-9 THC, Delta 8 is thought to have between 50-75% potency.

Does Delta 8 THC Produce the same effects as Delta 9 THC?

Not exactly. Users of Delta 8 often report that the effects are not as potent or powerful as the effects of marijuana with high delta-9 concentrations. It is commonly reported that Delta 8 doesn’t produce the paranoid or anxious feeling that comes from Delta-9. The best way to describe it is that while Delta 8 may get you high, it most likely will not get you as stoned as marijuana.

Even though some States have access to marijuana, not all Americans live in States that are cannabis friendly.  There are some people who do have access to dispensaries, but have a hard time finding a cannabis product that gets them high but not too stoned. This is where hemp-derived Delta 8 THC is finding a place within the industry:  The legal THC that gets you high but is federally legal like CBD and other hemp products.

What is D8?

The cannabis plant has two notable cannabinoids, CBD and THC.  CBD is commonly used more medicinally, and does not produce a psychoactive effect.  On the other hand, while THC is used medicinally it does produce a high feeling of euphoria  These phytocannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce physical and psychological effects in consumers.

The cannabinoids Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC have been around for as long as cannabis has been on the earth. However, only recently has Delta8 become the subject of attention.  The new draw of popularity is because of its unique legal status as hemp, and the desired effects from the high it produces, which some find more favorable than marijuana/Delta-9 THC.

For more information about Delta 8, checkout our Frequently Asked Questions

Delta 8 Versus Delta 9 Effects

Some users report that delta-9 is too potent, and produces undesirable effects for them such as anxiety, panic attacks, or paranoia.  This is especially true for new users or older consumers who may have taken a break from consuming cannabis for a few years and found themselves coming back to try it. 

The potency of Delta-9 THC in cannabis has risen sharply over the last few years as a result of selective breeding by marijuana growers.  Whereas it was common for cannabis to have levels of D9 THC between 1-5% during the early 1970’s, that percentage is now closer to 20% in some dispensary strains.  While some users may appreciate higher levels of Delta-9 THC, many people do not prefer the intense high.

There appears to be two different types of THC users.  Consumers who prefer Delta-9 THC are often experienced marijuana users, who prefer to get stoned, or these users have a high tolerance level for THC and consume a lot.  On the other hand, there are some consumers who prefer the smooth and mild high of Delta-8 THC instead of D9.  Delta-8 is less likely to give someone the “thousand yard stare” effect.

What Does Delta 8 THC Feel like?

The experience of being high from consuming cannabis is often different depending on the person and the method of consumption.  The variance of personal reactions, and the various types of products, combine to produce a myriad of possible highs.  However, certain common characteristics have been identified and reported frequently by users.

Modern cannabis consumers associate the feeling of Delta 8 high with feelings of relaxation, elation, and euphoria.  An increase in sociability, meditativeness, and stimulation of appetite are also common.  Some consumers appreciate Delta 8 as a way to get rid of boredom or to relieve stress, while others may use it as a method of boosting creativity and self-awareness.

The way you consume Delta 8 can drastically alter the effects.  Click the photo below to learn more about the best ways to consume Delta 8 THC and the differences in the effects.

Best Ways to Consume Delta 8 THC. Different methods impact how Delta 8 THC gets you high.


Click on the Photo to Discover The Best Ways to Consumer Delta 8 THC

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